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Since the 1980s, many Chinese artists have experimented with a range of unconventional materials. Their works—in plastic, paper, silk, ash, and tobacco—form a major trend in Chinese art. The Allure of Matter offers the first serious consideration of these groundbreaking material explorations, coining the term Material Art to describe works that use “matter” itself as the primary vehicle of investigation and expression. The book contains four essays, the profiles of twenty-five artists, and corresponding color images.

By Wu Hung and Orianna Cacchione, with essays by Christine Mehring and Trevor Smith and additional entries by Susanna Ferrell, Wan Kong, Simone Levine, and Nancy P. Lin.

The Allure of Matter Exhibition Catalogue

264 pages, 257 color plates

Hardcover, 9.5” x 12”

ISBN: 9780935573602