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The Allure of Coloring: Gu Dexin

Are you looking for a creative outlet while you shelter in place?

Introducing…the Allure of Coloring! Interact with The Allure of Matter: Material Art from China from the comfort of your living room through a special series of coloring sheets drawn by Erik L. Peterson. Each week, we will share a new coloring page adapted from a work of art from the Smart Museum and Wrightwood 659’s presentation of The Allure of Matter. The first sheet is inspired by Gu Dexin’s room-sized installation of melted plastic.


“In drawing this page,” says Erik, “I had a blast following the wiggle and wriggle of a single long length of plastic tubing, the looping and knotting of the material, coiling and coiling around itself, the weight of draped plastic shrouds of many colors piling up on the floor, and the criss-crossing patterns, over and under, of plastic parts moving up, down, behind and between.”

If you post your creations to social media, be sure to include the hashtag #theallureofcoloring so we can find your work and share it with the world!